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Different angle of Lau dancing with the fan in NC.  Love the chemistry and the fact that he invited her up to freestyle flow with him like that. You can tell he really enjoyed it, too. They really do love their fans :))) <3 <3

Song: Robin Thicke “Magic”

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"Today… But not tonight ;)" whaaat!
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At the DC workshop when Laurent was speaking before the pictures taking. And so sorry about the screaming lol I kinda lost it a little

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This is the best video I have, so I figured I’d share this first. I’ll put the rest up later. Y’all. He got frustrated with us at one point because he didn’t think we were feeling the music. So he gathered us around…and had us all just feel it. He was feeling it CLEARLY 😳😁😍.

Jesus he so beautiful 😍😳😳😍😘